5 miles of new greenway trails.  And Woodfin’s new greenways will be part of a 25 mile-plus network of greenways that will extend through Asheville and beyond.  Beginning at the Woodfin Town limit near the intersection of Broadway and Riverside Drive, the French Broad River section will follow the river for 3.5 miles to the point where Beaverdam Creek enters the French Broad River near Riverside Business Park.  The 1.25-mile Beaverdam Creek section will follow Beaverdam Creek upstream through its delightfully wooded and secluded gorge to the area near Reynolds Village and Merrimon Avenue.  Over much of its route, the greenways will parallel the route of the Craggy Mountain Line excursion railway.  The French Broad section of greenway will trace the route of the historic Drovers’ Road, the busy transportation path that connected east Tennessee to South Carolina and preceded the railway era in Buncombe County.

Woodfin’s greenway system will connect  into the larger community-wide core network extending through Asheville and beyond.  Click here to learn more about the various sections, how they connect together, and timeframe for development.


French Broad River Greenway

Extending from the intersection of Broadway and Riverside Drive northward to the confluence of Beaverdam Creek and the French Broad River.

Beaverdam Creek

Extending from the French Broad River along Beaverdam Creek to the intersection  of Old Beaverdam Rd. and Woodfin Ave. near Reynolds Village.  This route offers a delightful wooded setting along the creek.


Planning and Design
Buncombe County is leading the effort to design and construct the Greenways.

A Conceptual Design and Feasibility Study was completed in 2011 and is available here.  It provides an outline for the project and defines the general routing.

With funding in place from a generous grant from the Federal Highway Administration’s STPBG program and with support from Buncombe County, detailed design is now underway for the 3.5 million French Broad River section.  Detailed design for the 1.5-mile section along Beaverdam Creek will commence later in 2017.  Click here to take the Virtual Tour to see the routing for the Greenways.


Costs and Funding
Total cost for the greenway elements is estimated at $10.1 million. Funding the effort is off to a great start with the award of a federal grants of $4.53 million and support from Buncombe County.   In June, 2017, the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority committed $850,000 into the greenway project. Additionally, a portion of the $4.5 in bond funding approved by Woodfin voters in November 2016 will also support greenways development.  Requests are in for grants from Buncombe County, private foundations, and other sources..

Private fundraising will play a critical role as well.  Please help with a donation! Click here for more information.


Timeline for Development
The greenways will be built in 4 phases beginning in early 2018 and completed by 2021.  See the project timeline here.